Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) © Sergey Dereliev, www.dereliev-photography.com


AEWA covers 254 species of birds ecologically dependent on wetlands for at least part of their annual cycle, including many species of divers, grebes, pelicans, cormorants, herons, storks, rails, ibises, spoonbills, flamingos, ducks, swans, geese, cranes, waders, gulls, terns, tropic birds, auks, frigate birds and even the south African penguin.

All AEWA species cross international boundaries during their migrations and require good quality habitat for breeding as well as a network of suitable sites to support their annual journeys. International cooperation across their entire migratory range, as provided by AEWA, is therefore essential for the conservation and management of migratory waterbird populations and the habitats on which they depend.


Scientific name Common name Class Order Family CMS Instruments
Anas acuta Northern Pintail Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Anas erythrorhyncha Red-billed Duck Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Spatula hottentota Hottentot Teal Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Spatula querquedula Garganey Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Spatula clypeata Northern Shoveler Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Marmaronetta angustirostris Marbled Teal Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Netta rufina Red-crested Pochard Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Netta erythrophthalma Southern Pochard Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Aythya ferina Common Pochard Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Aythya nyroca Ferruginous Pochard Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Aythya fuligula Tufted Duck Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Somateria spectabilis King Eider Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Polysticta stelleri Steller's Eider Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Clangula hyemalis Long-tailed Duck Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Mergellus albellus Smew Aves Anseriformes Anatidae ,
Leucogeranus leucogeranus Siberian Crane Aves Gruiformes Gruidae ,
Anthropoides virgo Demoiselle Crane Aves Gruiformes Gruidae ,
Anthropoides paradiseus Blue Crane Aves Gruiformes Gruidae ,
Bugeranus carunculatus Wattled Crane Aves Gruiformes Gruidae ,
Grus grus Common Crane Aves Gruiformes Gruidae ,
Sarothrura boehmi Streaky-breasted Flufftail Aves Gruiformes Rallidae ,
Sarothrura ayresi White-winged Flufftail Aves Gruiformes Rallidae ,
Rallus caerulescens African Rail Aves Gruiformes Rallidae
Crex egregia African Crake Aves Gruiformes Rallidae
Crex crex Corncrake Aves Gruiformes Rallidae ,