National Reports

In accordance with Article V.1(c) of the Agreement text, each AEWA Contracting Party shall prepare to each ordinary session of the Meeting of the Parties (MOP) a National Report on its implementation of the Agreement and submit that report to the Secretariat not later than 120 days before the session of the MOP.

Since adoption of the first triennial report format for AEWA through Resolution 1.3, Parties have repeatedly acknowledged the importance of the process of national reporting as a means of monitoring and also enhancing implementation of the Agreement and its Action Plan.

In 2011, a new online reporting system was launched, replacing the previously used paper-based format for National Reports. The new format, approved by MOP4 in 2008, has substantially facilitated the collection, analysis and use of the information contained in Parties’ National Reports. Access to the online reporting system is password protected and granted to designated national respondents only.

The online reporting system is a facility for the whole CMS Family. However, AEWA is the first of the CMS-related treaties to use the CMS Family Online Reporting System (ORS) for the reporting of its Contracting Parties to MOP5.

Based on the comments received from Parties, as well as MOP5 decisions and newly-introduced reporting requirements, the AEWA Technical Committee subsequently revised the format for national reports, which was approved by the Meeting of the AEWA Standing Committee in September 2013.

The new format has now been prepared and can be accessed on the CMS Family online reporting system. The reporting cycle in the run-up to MOP6 was launched on 21 January 2015 and credentials have been sent by email to all National Focal Points and respondents. The deadline for submitting National Reports is 12 May 2015.

For further inquiries on the National Report Format please contact the Secretariat at

Quick Guide for the AEWA Online Reporting System

Title Publish date Country
National Report of Bulgaria (MOP6) 16.06.2015 Bulgaria
National Report of Madagascar (MOP6) 16.06.2015 Madagascar
National Report of Morocco (MOP6) 16.06.2015 Morocco
National Report of Slovakia (MOP6) 16.06.2015 Slovakia
National Report of Switzerland (MOP6) 12.06.2015 Switzerland
National Report of Mali (MOP6) 12.06.2015 Mali
National Report of Luxembourg (MOP6) 10.06.2015 Luxembourg
National Report of Estonia (MOP6) 05.06.2015 Estonia
National Report of the Netherlands (MOP6) 04.06.2015 Netherlands
National Report of Sweden (MOP6) 04.06.2015 Sweden